The process of manufacture is "a shipment process" in "an assembling process" in "a work process" in a "development design" "molding process". It produces it entirely in Japan.

I easily explain how a Corporation Stops with Saddle and Stop Valves are made with each process in order in a process.

A development design
From slight conversation, big idea or improvement catch a beginning of the new product development while I run through consumers of the whole country and listen to the voice of the water service business entity in search of mutual information interchange, and exchanging talks with the store and design the development.

A molding process
Even the thing which shape is complicated and begins to sharpen it by machine by the molding process and cannot make is the process that can make a thing of in large quantities same shape from the die (a match plate) of the one.
The molding inspection performs dimensions inspection, weight inspection, chemistry ingredient analysis, the measurement of the property of the machine other than appearance inspection to assume a molding defect the subject regularly.
I do molding in "Pb(lead)-free" materials entirely.

A work process
It is the process that it uses the measuring instruments such as vernier calipers, the screw gauge, and it inspects at the same time as dimensions precision is life by the work process, and it adopts the latest machine in what become important in the exchange such as expendable supplies to keep the compatibility of the product in particular.

An assembling process / a shipment process
It is a process to perform withstand pressure inspection, authority of water inspection, function inspection, operation inspection, appearance inspection, weight inspection, dimensions inspection it assembles parts such as the made body part or nut with a work process, and to confirm those performance.
It is a shipment process that only the product which passed the above-mentioned inspection is packed and ships.

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